Common Names:- None

Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Silene (Gr) A name used by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus for
                  Fabaria (L) Of beans, bean-like.

General description:- Robust, woody-based glabrous and glaucous perennial.

1) 30-80 cm. Suberect, rather stout.

1) Cauline, in several pairs, scarcely diminishing in size upwards, elliptic-obovate,
    glaucous, often mucronate.

1) Inflorescence, usually with 2 long primary branches bearing irregular dichasia.
2) Calyx, 9-12 mm, ellipsoid, slightly inflated, 10-veined, with faint anastomosing
    veins above, teeth triangular, acute.
3) Petal-limb, 3-5 mm, whitish, deeply 2-lobed; coronal scales present.
4) Filaments and anthers ± purple.

1) Capsule, 10-12 mm, ovoid, exceeding the closely appressed calyx; carpophore
    c. 2 mm.
2) Seeds 1.2-2.0 mm greyish, face concave; with parallal rows of papillae.

Key features:-
1) Calyx slightly inflated.
2) Stem leafy throughout.
3) Capsule at least 10 mm.
4) Robust plant to 80 cm.

Habitat:- Mainly on rocky seashores.

Distribution:- Aegean area, also W & C Anatolia. Rare on Crete know only from
the cliffs in the extreme east of the island.
An important new location has been discovered by Christopher Cheiladakis (2020)
in the area of Kavalros east Crete.

Flowering time:- Apr-Aug

Photos by:- Yiannis Christofides & Christopher Cheiladakis

Acute:- Sharp, sharply pointed, the margins near the tip being almost straight.
Anastomosing- Forming a network; vein branches uniting where they come into
Anther:- Fertile part of the stamen - the upper part which con­tains the pollen.

Calyx:- A collective name for the sepals - the outer whorl of organs in most flowers.
Capsule:- Dry fruit that opens when ripe. splitting from the apex to the base into
separate segments known as valves.
Carpophore:- The fruit bearing stalk  A prolongation of the receptacle or floral axis
bearing the carpels or ovary.
Cauline:- Borne on the stem, of the stem.
Coronal-scale:- One of the ring of scales on th inner surface of the corolla, as at
the junction of the limb and claw in some sllene species.

Dichasium-(pl Dichasia):- Cyme with lateral branches on both sides of the main

Ellipsoid:- Ellipse-shaped.
Elliptic - Elliptical:- Forming an ellipse, widest in the middle and pointed at both

Filament:- The stalk of a stamen, connecting the receptacle to the anther.

Glabrous:- Without hairs, hairless.
Glaucous:- Covered with a waxy bloom, giving a bluish or greyish colouration.

Inflated:- Swollen, like a bladder.
Inflorescence:- The flowering branch or branches, flowers and bracts above the
uppermost leaves on a stem.

Mucro:- A sharp terminal point.
Mucronate:- Of or having a mucro; ending abruptly in a sharp point.

Ovate:- Broad and rounded at the base and tapering toward the end.

Papillae:- Small nipple-like projections.
Petal:- The inner perianth segments when they clearly differ from the outer.
Petal-limb:- An enlarged upper part of the petals.
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