Family and Genus:- See- LEGUMINOSAE

Common Names:- Spiny scorpion-vetch

Homotypic Synonyms:- Scorpioides muricata, Scorpiurus echinatus var.
muricatus, Scorpiurus sulcatus subsp. muricatus, Scorpiurus sulcatus var.

Meaning:- Scorpiurus (Gr) Scorpion-tail. (for the coiled fruit).
                  Muricatus (L) Rough with short superficial tubercles.

General description:- Decumbent annual, glabrous or somewhat pilose.

1) Generally 15-40 cm.

1) Simple, oblanceolate, entire, parallel-veined.

1) Peduncles, long, glabrous, with a head of 2-5 flowers.
2) Calyx. campanulate, with teeth equalling the tube.
3) Corolla, 5-10 mm, yellow, turning orange or reddish.

1) Legume, 30-50 mm, subterete, curved and contorted, constricted between the 2-
    5 seeds, with spines or acute tubercles on the convex outer ridges.
2) Seeds, lunate, attenuate at the ends.

Key features:-
1) Legume, 30-50 mm, subterete, curved and contorted.
2) Flowers, usually 2-5 in a head.

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Habitat:- Sandy coastal habitats, dry open shrubby vegetation, fallow fields, olive
groves. 0-700(-1100) m.

Distribution:- Throughout the Mediterranean region and SW Asia, extending to
Trans-caucasia and E Africa. Widespread and common on Crete.

Flowering time:- Late Mar to June..

Photos by:- Steve Lenton