Common Names:- None

Synonyms:- Tunica illyrica var. taygetea, Tunica taygetea

Meaning:- Petrorhagia (Gr) Rock-bursting.
                  Illyrica (L) From the former western Yugoslavia.
                 Taygetea (L) From the Taiygetos mountain range, S Greece.
General description:- Short to medium perennial, somewhat woody at base.

1) 15-40 cm, ascending, moderately branched, usually glandular-pubescent
throughout or glabrous in the lower part.

1) Cauline. linear-subulate, 3-veined.

1) Inflorescence solitary or in lax fascicles.
2) Petals 6-10 mm, linear-oblong to spathulate, white or cream, sometimes with
pink veins beneath.
3) Anthers purple.
4) Calyx 3·5-5 mm.
5) Calyx-teeth 3-veined, lateral veins often weak.

1) Capsule, dehiscing, with 4 teeth.
2) Seeds, 1.7-2.3 mm, ovate-oblong, flat, with thin margins, black and smooth.

Key features:-
1) Calyx-teeth with weak lateral veins.
2) Stem densely glandular-pubescent throughout.
3) Petals white or pale yellow.
4) Anthers usually purple.
5) Inflorescence lax.

Habitat:- Rocky and stony slopes, evergreen or mixed scrub, open coniferous
woodland. 0-1400(-2000) m. on various, usually noncalcareous substrates.

Distribution:- Endemic Crete & Peloponnisos. Limited distribution on Crete, mainly
confined to the four main massifs.

Flowering time:- May-Aug.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton

Anther:- Fertile part of the stamen - the upper part which con­tains the pollen.

Calyx:- A Collective name for the sepals - the outer whorl of organs in most flowers
Calyx-teeth:- Tip of a calyx lobe or division.
Capsule:- Dry fruit that opens when ripe. splittin from apex to base into separate
segments known as valves.
Cauline:- Borne on the stem, of the stem.

Dehiscent - Dehiscing:- Splitting open to release the seeds.

Fascicle:- A cluster of flowers arising more or less from the same point.

Glandular pubescent:- Hairs tipped with small glands that secrete oil or some
other liquid.
Glabrous:- Without hairs, hairless.

Inflorescence:- The flowering branch or branches, flowers and bracts above the
uppermost leaves on a stem.

Linear - Oblong:- Narrow, parallel-sided to rectangular with rounded ends.
Linear - Subulate:- Narrow, parallel-sided to awl-shaped.

Petal:- The inner perianth segments when they clearly differ from the outer

Spatulate:- Paddle-shaped, oblong with an extended basal part.
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