Family:- APOCYNACEAE                

Common Names:- Silk-vine

Synonyms:- Periploca laevigata subsp. angustifolia

Meaning:- Periploca (Gr) Twisted-around.
                  Angustifolia (L) Narrow-leaved.

General description:- An erect shrubby deciduous plant.

   a)15-3 m.
   b) erect, sometimes twining at the apex.

   a) 1-35 x 02-06 cm.
   b) almost stalkless (subsessile).
   c) linear, acute or obtuse, wedge-shaped (cuneate) at the base.
   d) hairless (glabrous), leathery (coriaceous).

1) Cymes:
   a) few-flowered.
2) Corolla:
   a) c. 1 cm diam.
   b) lobes oblong, obtuse, green outside, green, purple-brown and white inside.
   c) margins not deflexed when in full bloom (at anthesis).
   d) awns, deflexed, green.
3) Anthers:
   a) smooth.

1) Follicles:
   a) 5-8 (-10) cm.
   b) spreading horizontally, not united (connate) at the apex.
2) Seeds:
   a) c. 7 x 3 mm; coma c. 40 mm.

Key features:-
1) Stems 15-3 m, erect.
2) Leaves 1-35 ? 0.2-06 cm, somewhat coriaceous.
3) Corolla c. 1 cm diam.

Habitat:- Scrub in gorges and on rocky slopes, with Juniperus phoenicea, etc.
0-150 m.

Distribution:- A North African species extending locally to S. Spain, Sicily,
Lampedusa, Malta and W Syria. In the Aegean region known only from the
Southern Cretan islands of Gavdos, Gavdopoula and Chrysi. Rare.

Flowering time:- Apr-May, and sporadically at later times.

Photos by:- Daniel Didier