Family and Genus:- See- LABIATAE/Sect. AMARACUS

Common Names:- None

Homotypic Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Origanum (Gr) Joy-of-the mountain. A name used by the Greek
philosopher Theophrastus for an aromatic herb.
                  Calcaratum (L) Spurred, having a spur.
General description:- Much-branched dwarf shrub or woody-based perennial.

1) Up to 25 cm. sparingly branched.

1) 15-30 mm, subsessile, broadly ovate, obtuse, slightly fleshy or leathery, thinly
    glandular- and eglandular-pubescent, green. margins, ciliate.

1) Spicules, in groups of 2-6, oblong, arranged in opposite pedunculate groups of 1- 
    3, in lax panicles.
2) Bracts, conspicuous, broadly elliptical, green or purplish longer than the calyx.
3) Calyx, 5-8 mm, usually 1-lipped, pilose in the throat.
    a) upper lip, entire.
    b) lower, 2-toothed.
4) Corolla, pink, tube, 3 times as long as the calyx-tube.
5) Stamens, exserted.

1) Nutlets x 4, seeded.

Key features:-
1) Leaves broadly ovate, thinly glandular- and eglandular-pubescent, green.
2).Spikes, dense, nodding, with purple bracts.
3) Calyx, 5-8 mm, pilose in the throat.

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Habitat:- Crevices of vertical limestome cliffs. 50-600 m.

Distribution:- Endemic E. Crete, (SE. of Sitia) Kiklades and Haqlki. Very rare on

Flowering time:- Mid-May to early Aug.

Photos by:- Yannis Zacharakis