Family and Genus:- See- NAJADACEAE/Sect. NAJAS

Common Name:- Holly-leaved naiad

Homotypic Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Najas (L) After Naias, one of the three mythological freshwater nymphs.
                  Marina (L) Marine, growing by or in the sea.

General description:- Submerged annual herbs.

1) Usually 10-50 cm, slender, dichotomously branched, brittle.

1) Opposite, fleshy, up to 45 cm, 1-6 mm wide including the teeth, coarsely
    spinose-dentate on the margins and often also on the back of the midrib;
    a) sheaths, not or only very shortly auriculate.

1) Inconspicuous unisexual, solitary.
    a) male flowers, with a spathe.
    b) female, without a spathe.

1) 3-8 mm. indehescent.

Key features:-
1) Leaves, 1-6 mm wide including the teeth, conspicuously spinose-dentate.
2) Stems, spinose-dentate or smooth.

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Habitat:- Submerged in fresh or brackish water 0-850 m.

Distribution:- Scattered in W. and N. mainland Greece. Widespread in Europe and
an almost cosmopolitan species. Rare on Crete known only from Lake Kournas.

Flowering time:- June-Sept

Photos by:- Salvatore Pasta