Common Names:- Early forget-me-not

Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Myosotis (Gr) Mouse-ear, A name used by the Greek physician and
botanist Dioscorides.
                  Ramosissima (L) Greatly branched, branching.
General description:- Slender, erect annual.

   a) Up to 40 cm.
   b) with spreading (patent) soft hairs at the base, above with, straight hairs lying
       close and flat (appressed).

1) Lower:
   a) oblanceolate to oblong.
   b) with soft, erecto-patent, straight hairs on both sides.
   c) lower part of the stem with patent hairs.

1) Inflorescence:
   a) lax, without bracts (ebracteate).
   b) occupying more than half of plant.
   c) axis appressed-pubescent.
   d) fruiting pedicels patent, equalling or slightly shorter than the calyx.
2) Calyx:
   a) up to 4 mm in fruit.
   b) with patent to deflexed, hooked hairs on the tube and straight hairs on the 
3) Corolla:
   a) limb 2-4 mm in diam.
   b) saucer-shaped.
   c) pale to bright blue.

1) Nutlets:
   a) 12 x 07 mm.
   b) ovoid, acute, without a rim.
   c) attachment scar elliptical. usually filled with spongy tissue.
   d) olive brown.

Key features:-
1) Stem straight, with regularly spaced flowers.
2) Fruiting pedicels shorter than or equalling the calyx.
3) Corolla limb 2-4 mm in diam.

Habitat:- Sandy flats. pastures, low open scrubland, field margins and in a variety
of other dry, open habitats. 0-1500 m.

Distribution:- Throughout Greece. - Most of Europe and the Mediterranean region,
eastwards to Iran. Fairly widely spread across the central regions of Crete.

Flowering time:- Mar-June

Photos by:- By kind permission of Saxifraga - Free Nature Images