Family and Genus:- See- IRIDACEAE

Common Names:- None

Homotypic Synonyms:- Gynandriris monophylla

Meaning:- Moraea (L) For R. Moore English botanist.
                  Mediterranea (L) From the Mediterranean region.
General description:- Variable, low to medium, cormous perennial. 

1) Solitary, deep green, canaliculate, 5-8 mm wide, often longer than the pedicel.

1) To 20 mm, short-lived, bluish-lilac to violet, with a white or yellow patch on the
    falls, iris-like.
2) Falls, oval to elliptical, 25-35 mm long.
3) Standard, slightly shorter, half the width of the falls.
4) Ovary, with a slender, solid neck, 20-30 mm long.
5) Bracts, up to 4 pairs, each enclosing several flowers, scarious.

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Habitat:- Cultivated, waste and fallow ground, field margins, olive groves, scrub and
open woodland, roadsides. 0-750 m.

Distribution:- Limited distribution throughout the Mediterranean region. - Coastal
areas of NE Africa from Cyrenaica to Sinai. Widespread but not common on Crete.

Flowering time:- Mid-Mar to early May.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton