Family and Genus:- See- GUTTIFERAE/Sect. DROSOCARPIUM

Common Names:- None

Homotypic Synonyms:-  None

Meaning:- Hypericum (Gr) Above-pictures. A name used by the Greek physician
and botanist Dioscorides for its use over shrines to repel evil spirits.
                  Trichocaulon (Gr) With a hairy-stem.          

1) 5-25(-45) cm, procumbent or ascending, slender, sometimes rooting at the base.

1) 5-11(-14) mm, ovate-oblong to linear, sessile or shortly petiolate, margins entire.

1) May have a reddish underside to the otherwise yellow petals.
2) Sepals obtuse, black-glandular-denticulate to entire.
3) Sepals and petals, sometimes with black dots or streaks scattered over the
    whole surface.

1) Capsule, sometimes with vittae, and with faint, round elongated vesicles or
    almost smooth.

Key features:-
1) Sepals, entire or glandular-denticulate or fimbriate.
2) Leaves, 5-14 mm, smooth.
3) Petals, 6-12 mm.
4) Seeds, longitudinally grooved.

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Habitat:- Rocky and stony slopes with open dry shrubby vegetation, rock ledges
and flat clayey areas. (0-) 300-1700(-2000) m.

Distribution:- Endemic to Crete, occurring mainly in the Lefka Ori, Kedros and
Psiloritis massifs, with observations from both Dikti and Afendis Kavousi.

Flowering time:- Mid-Apr to June.

Photos by:- Fotis Samaritakis