Common Names:- None

Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Heliotropium (Gr) Turn-with-the-sun.
                  Dolosum (Gr) Deceitful.

   a) Up to 40 cm.
   b) erect or ascending.
   c) petioles with dense, greyish or yellowish, spreading (patent) hairs c. 1 mm.

1) Lamina:
   a) up to 55 x 28 cm.
   b) ovate to elliptical, wedge-shaped, to rounded at the base, rounded to almost 
       sharp at the apex.
   c) covered in soft hairs that are close to the stem, up to 35 cm.

   a) scented.
1) Sepals:
   a) 08-11 mm wide.
   b) lance-shaped.
   c) usually covered in soft hairs that are close to the stem, curving upwards around
       the developing fruit, though often spreading later.
2) Corolla:
   a) 3-5 mm.
   b) anthers 11-15 mm.
   c) Stigma conical, hairy.

1) Nutlet:
   a) hairless (glabrous).
   b) smooth.

Key features:-
1) Fruit glabrous.
2) Sepals lanceolate.
3) Anthers 1-15 mm.
4) Stigma usually densely hairy.

Habitat:- Mainly in coastal habitats, but also in harvested fields, dry open shrubby
vegetation and waste ground some distance inland, up to 500(-800) m.

Distribution:- Rather rare and scattered outside the Aegean area. - C & E
Mediterranean region and SW Asia, eastwards to Afghanistan. Limited distribution
on Crete scattered around the coastal areas.

Flowering time:- End of May to Sept.

Photos by:- Fotis Samaritakis