Common Names:- Corn marigold

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Meaning:- Glebionis. Meaning unknown.
                  Segetum (L) Of cornfields, growing amongst crops.
General description:- Short to tall, greyish, hairless annual, somewhat fleshy.

1) 20-60(-80) cm, simple or branched. 

1) Oblong to obovate-oblong.glaucous.
2) Lower and middle cauline deeply incise-dentate.
3) Upper subentire, somewhat amplexicaul.

1) Uniformly golden yellow, joined together in a capitula from 30 to 60 mm diam.
2) Involucre 13-20 mm in diam.
3) Outer bracts ovate, obtuse, yellowish-green, with pale brown  
    marginal band, the apex scarious.
4) Inner bracts similar but widened at the appendage.
5) Florets yellow.
6) Pedicel thickened under the flower-head.

1) Achenes:
   a) achenes 10-ribbed.
   b) outer achenes with 2 lateral wings; lateral faces with 1-2 ribs;
       adaxial face with 3 prominent, whitish ribs.

Key features:-
1) Leaves Broadly oblanceolate, serrate to 1-pinnastisect, glaucous.
2) Achenes of ligulate florets without an adaxial wing.

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Habitat:- Sandy coastal habitats, cereal fields, olive groves, roadsides,
occasionally open dry shrubby vegetation, 0-500(-900) m.

Distribution:- Widespread and common throughout the Mediterranean area and W
& C Europe. Widespread and common on Crete.

Flowering time:- Late Mar to early June.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton