Family and Genus:- See- IRIDACEAE

Common Names:- Field gladiolus

Homotypic Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Gladiolus (Gr) Small sword.
                  Italicus (L) Italian, from Italy.
General description:- Medium to tall cormous perennial.

1) 50-100 cm.

1) Basal, 3 to 5, alternate, 30-65 cm x 5-17 mm across, simple, narrow, linear to
    subulate, flat, ribbed, with irregular veins. joined together in a fan.
2) Basal sheaths, pale to dark red, often white-spotted.

1) Pinkish-purple to reddish, 40-30 mm long, 6-15 in a more or less two-sided
2) Tepals, lower, with 3 pinkish spear-shaped marks outlined with purple.
3) Anthers, longer than the filaments.

1) Capsule, cylindrical, torulose when mature.
2) Seeds, globose to pyriform, not winged.

Key features:-
1) Anthers, longer than the filaments (or aborted).
2) Seeds, not winged.

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Habitat:- Cultivated fields and olive groves, occasionally in open dry shrubby
vegetation, open coniferous woodland and other semi-natural habitats. 0-1200 m.

Distribution:- Widespread and common throughout the Mediterranean. Widespread
and common on Crete.

Flowering time:- Late Mar to early June.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton