Family:- Zygophyllaceae

Common Names:- None

Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Fagonia (L) For Monsignor Fagon (1638-1718), physician to Louis
XIV of France.
                  Cretica (L) From Crete. Cretan.

General description:- Low to short, hairless or slightly hairy, sprawling or
prostrate perennial; stems much-branched, woody at the base.

Leaves:- Three leaflets, the leaflets lance-shaped leathery, with a pale spine-
tip, short-stalked, channelled above; stipules spine-tipped.

Flowers:- Bright magenta, 9-10mm, solitary, borne between the pairs of

Fruit:- An egg-shaped capsule, 7-9mm, 5-angled.
Habitat:- Dry stony and rocky habitats, garigue, often on calcareous soils.

Distribution:- Scattered localities - Spain---Balearic Is., Sicily, Greece, Crete,
N Africa, Cyprus and E Med. Limited distribution on Crete, not common.

Flowering time:- Jan-June.

Photo by:- Prof. Yannis Zacharakis                      15/01/2011