Family and Genus:- See- ONAGRACEAE/Sect. EPILOBIUM

Common Names:- Square-stemmed willowherb

Homotypic Synonyms:-  None

Meaning:- Epilobium (L) A name used by Gesner the Swiss physician and
naturalist. to indicate the position of the corolla above the ovary.
                  Tetragonum (Gr) Four angled, square.

General description:- A rhrizomatous perennial, without stolons.

1) 30-75 cm, erect,sturdy, sparingly branched, subglabrous, with 4 raised lines.

1) Opposite, sessile and shortly decurrent.
2) Middle, 4~7 cm, lanceolate, finely serrate with somewhat curved teeth, bright

1) Inflorescence, greyish-pubescent.
2) Pedicels, ovary and fruit appressed-puberulent, eglandular.
3) Petals, purplish-pink, 2,5-7 mm.
4) Stigma, surrounded by the anthers at anthesis.

1) Capsule, 5-8 cm.
2) Seeds, 1-15 mm, obovoid.

Key features:-
1) Normally self-pollinated.
2) Petals, 25-7 mm.
3) Stigma, surrounded by the anthers at anthesis.
4) Leaves, oblong, decurrent.
5) Stem, quadrangular, with 4 raised lines.

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Habitat:- Riverbanks in semi-shade under Platanus orientalis and Salix alba,
reedswamps, damp habitats along roads, ditches. 0-1100 m.

Distribution:- Scattered throughout Greece. A widespread Euro-Siberian species.
Rare on Crete known only from a few scattered locations.

Flowering time:- Late Apr to early Sept.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton