Family and Genus:- See- LEGUMINOSAE

Common Names:- Annual scorpion vetch, sickle vetch.

Homotypic Synonyms:- Artrolobium scorpioides, Aviunculus scorpioides,
Ornithopodium scorpioides, Ornithopus scorpioides, Scorpius scorpioides.

Meaning:- Coronilla (L) Little-garland, (the flower-heads).
                  Scorpioides (L) Curved like a scorpion's tail.
General description:- Glabrous, somewhat glaucous annual, usually branched
from base.

1) 10-20 cm. slender, ascending.

1) Sessile, mostly 3-foliolate with pair of small, suborbicular lateral leaflets and a
    large, broadly ellipticoblong terminal leaflet. up to 40mm.
2) Stipules, leaf-opposed, small, connate.

1) 2-5 in axillary, pedunculate umbels.
2) Calyx, c. 1.5 mm, teeth short or obsolete.
3) Corolla, 4-6 mm, yellow, petal sometimes veined with brown.

1) Legume, linear, 2-4 cm long, usually much curved, prominently articulated.

Key features:-
1) Leaves, mostly 3-foliolate.
2) Corolla, 4-6 mm.

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Habitat:- Olive groves, field margins, open dry shrubby vegetation , open coniferous
wood-land and road embankments. 0-1100 m.

Distribution:- Rather common throughout Greece. - Widespread in the
Mediterranean region ans eastwards to Iran. Widespread and common on Crete.

Flowering time:- Mid-Mar to June.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton