Family:- APOCYNACEAE    

Common Names:- Cionura 

Synonyms:- Cynanchum erectum, Marsdenia erecta, Pergularia erecta.

Meaning:- Cionura (Gr) Erect-tailed.
                  Erecta (L) Erect, upright.

General description:- A hairless (glabrous) or slightly hairy (pubescent) shrub.

   a) up to 100 cm, numerous, but occasionally climbing into large bushes or trees
       to 5m.

   a) c. 7 x 5 cm.
   b) stalks (petioles) c. 5 cm. rounded, twining or not.
   c) ovate, narrowing gradually to a point (acuminate), heart-shaped at the base.

   a) 8-10 mm.
   b) borne in large terminal or lateral, umbel-­like clusters, hairless.
   c) milky­-white,unpleasant smelling.
   d) lobes c. 7 x 2 mm, oblong, obtuse, glabrous.
1) Corona segments:
   a) tongue-shaped.

1) Follicles:
   a) 8-9 cm long.
   b) solitary.
   c) smooth, spindle-shaped, with a papery a flap.
2) Seeds:
   a) with a wide marginal wing all around and a terminal tuff of long white silky

Habitat:- Rocky habitats, river gravels, coastal sands and dunes. 0-600(950) m.

Distribution:- Balkans, Turkey, Cyprus and the extreme E Med. Limited
distribution on Crete confined mainly to the centre and west of the island.

Flowering time:- May-July.

Photos by:- Fotis Samaritakis
Original data obtained from “Atlas of the Aegean Flora Part 2 Maps” by Arne Strid.