Family and Genus:- See- LEGUMINOSAE

Common Name:- None

Homotypic Synonyms:- Chamaecytisus creticus

Meaning:- Chamaecytisus (Gr) Dwarf clover-like plant.
                  Spinescens (L) Spiny, with spines.
                  Creticus (L) From Crete, Cretan.

General description:- Erect or ascending, unarmed deciduous shrublet up to
1 m. Twigs thorny.

1) Trifoliolate.
2) Leaflets, small, (up to 6 x 4 mm), narrowly obovate to elliptical, sparsely
    pubescent on both sides.

1) Solitary or in few-flowered axillary clusters.
2) Bracts, absent.
3) Calyx, tubular, appressed-pubescent, bilobed, upper lip with 2 and lower with 3
    short teeth.
4) Corolla, l4-22 mm, bright yellow:
    a) standard, 10-12 mm. often with a brownish spot near the base.

1) 15-25 x 4-6 mm, densely hairy.

Key features:-
1) Bracts, absent.
2) Leaflets, small, (up to 6 x 4 mm).
3) Twigs thorny.

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Habitat:- Open dry shrubby vegetation, scrubland vegetation, rocky road
embankments, olive groves. 0-1300 m. mainly on schist.

Distribution:- Endemic Crete. Scattered across the central west, west and central
east of the island.

Flowering time:- Apr-June.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton