Common Names:- Woolly carline-thistle, purple carline-thistle.

Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Carlina (L) For Charlemagne (742-814) Emperor of Rome (whose army
was supposed to have been cured of the plague with a species of Carlina, which the
Archangel had revealed to him).
                  Lanata (L) Woolly.

General description:- Low to short, partly hairy annual.

1) 5-40 cm, simple or with the main stem ceasing to elongate but growth being
    continued by the lateral branches.

1) Up to 75 x 25 cm, oblong, pinnatifid, spinose-undulate, persistently tomentose
    beneath, more or less glabrescent above.
2) Basal, withered at anthesis.
3) Cauline, sessile, oblong-lanceolate, spiny-dentate, coriaceous.

1) Capitula, up to 40 mm diam, but often much smaller.
2) Outer involucral bracts, 25-40 x 15-20 mm, exceeding the inner.
3) Inner bracts c. 12 x 15 mm, reddish-purple on both surfaces.
4) Florets purplish-pink.

1) Achenes 3-4 mm, sericeous.
2) Pappus 12-15 mm.

Key features:-
1) Leaves  arachnoid-tomentose to glabrescent
2) Outer involucral bracts 10-12 mm wide (including spines).
3) Inner involucral bracts reddish-purple above for most of their length.

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Habitat:- Stony coastal habitats, dry grassland, open dry shrubby vegetation, field
margins, also on small islets. 0-400(-700) m.

Distribution:- Widespread across the Mediterranean region. Widespread on Crete
but more common in the west.

Flowering time:- May to early Aug.

Photos by:- Fotis Samaritakis