Family:- ASPHODELACEAE            

Common Name:- None

Synonyms:- Asphodelus liburnicus, Dorydium liburnicum.

Meaning:- Asphodeline (Gr) Asphodelus-like (silver rod).
                  Liburnica (L) From Croatia.

   a) 25-60 cm.
   b) rather slender.
   c) leafy only in lower half.

1) Lamina:
   a) not more than 25 cm x 25 mm.
   b) entire.
   c) deep green or bluish-green.

1) Blooms:
   a) 30-40 mm.
   b) somewhat asymmetric.
   c) borne in a lax raceme.
   d) petals, 18-20 mm long, yellow, with a green mid-vein.
2) Pedicels:
   a) articulated near the base.
3) Stamens:
   a) 3 long and 3 short, the former with markedly curved stalks (filaments).
4) Bracts:
   a) 15 x 3 mm.
   b) deltate-orbicular, with long arista.
5) Perianth-lobes:
   a) 20-25 x 4-7 mm.

1) Capsule:
   a) 10 mm.
   b) globose.
2) Seeds:
   a) 4-5 mm.
   b) trigonous.
   c) black.

Key features:-
1) Bracts not more than 15 x 3 mm.
2) Stem leafy only in the lower part.

Habitat:- Rocky slopes in hills and mountains, dry open shrubby vegetation,
occasionally on cliffs or by roadsides or in scrub.

Distribution:- Italy, Sicily, the Balkans and Crete eastwards, including Cyprus.
Fairly well scattered across Crete.
Flowering time:- Mar-May.

Photo by:- Steve Lenton