Family:- Asparagaceae

Common Name:- Mediterranean Asparagus

Synonyms:- None

Meaning:- Asparagus. The Greek name for plants sprouting edible shoots from
the rootstock.
                  Aphyllus (Gr) Without leaves, leafless.

General description:- Hairless rhizomatous perennials with tough stems,
some­times becoming woody, often with a rather ferny appearance.

Leaves:- Replaced by a green leaf-like flattened stem resembling spikes but
functioning as a leaf,  borne usually in clusters; true leaves reduced to small
papery, bract-like structures.

Flowers:- Small, whitish or greenish, bell-shaped, in groups of 3-6.

Fruit:- Berry, black when ripe, 7-8mm.

Habitat:- Dry places, hedges, rocky habitats and scrub.

Distribution:- S. Italy, S. Greece, Crete, N. Africa and E. Med. Widespread and
common on Crete.
Flowering time:- Apr-Oct.

Photo by:- Steve Lenton         Katharo 13/06/2008