Common Name:- Rayless chamomile

Synonym:- None

Meaning:- Anthemis (Gr) Flowery.
                  Rigida (L) Stiff, inflexible.
General description:- Low, slightly hairy annual.

1) 13(-15) cm, spreading becoming gradually thickened and rigid, usually numerous
    and simple.

1) Slightly fleshy, 2-pinnatisect, grey-pubescent, with broad ultimate segments.

1) Peduncles, somewhat thickened and frequently arcuate, the 1-2 central ones
    very short, scape-like.
2) Involucre, usually obconical.
3) Bracts, triangular-lanceolate, subequal, indurate-thickened at the base, more or
    less pubescent, without or the inner with a scarious margin.
4) Ligules, rarely present.
5) Disc 3-9 mm diam.
6) Tubular florets, yellow, rarely whitish suffused with pink, not swollen below.
7) Receptacle, 1-35 x 3-35 mm, shortly conical, scales lanceolate to obovate-
    cuneate, mucronate or acuminate.

1) Achenes, 125-15 mm (excl. auricle), obconical, not or obscurely ribbed, with an
    auricle up to 05 mm, or sometimes an acute rim.

Key features:-
1) Achenes of the tubular florets not tuberculate or granulate. 
2) Ligulate florets absent or sterile.
3) Involucre cylindrical-obconical.
4) All involucral bracts acute, without or with a very narrow hyaline margin.
5) Stems not more than 15 cm, simple or with short branches above.
6) Ligules usually absent.

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Habitat:- Sandy and rocky coastal habitats, loamy flats, fallow fields, phrygana,
open coniferous woodland. 0600(1100)m. up to 1900 m. in dolines.

Distribution:- Crete and Greece eastwards, including Cyprus. Widespread and
common on Crete.

Flowering time:- End of Mar to June.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton