Including Anthemis arvensis subsp. incrassata.


Common Name:- Corn chamomile

Synonym:- None

Meaning:- Anthemis (Gr) Flowery.
                  Arvensis (L) Of the cultivated field, of ploughed fields.
General description:- Very variable, short to medium, hairy, aromatic annual.

1) 5-20 cm, usually much branched, often from the base
2) Basal branches as long as or longer than the main stem.

1) 1·5-5 x 0·6-1·5 cm. Somewhat fleshy, sparsely appressed-pubescent,
2) Lower pinnatipartite.
3) Upper oblanceolate and lobed to subentire, obtuse.

1) Capitula, 20-40 mm diam.
2) Receptacle, 5-7 x 3-4 mm. attenuate
3) Outer receptacular, scales linear-subulate, the inner oblanceolate.
4) Involucral bracts, hairy, oblong or oblong-inversely ovate, blunt, with scarious
    margin and apex.
5) Peduncles, not or scarcely clavate.
6) Ligules, 5-14 x 2·5-5 mm, white.
7) Florets, c. 4 mm. tubular.

1) Achenes, 1.5-2.5(-3) x 0.7-1.5 mm turbinate, (9-)10(-11)-ribbed.
2) Ribs obtuse, separated by narrow, deep furrows, smooth, pappus absent.

Key features:-
1) Leaves, pinnately divided, usually not fleshy, ± persistently hairy.
2) Peduncles, not or slightly clavate in fruit.
3) Biennial or perennial with a woody stock.
4) Ligules, 3·5-6·5 x 2·25-3 mm.
5) Receptacle, 2-5 x 2-3 mm, shortly conical; receptacular scales linear-subulate to
oblanceolate, entire.
6) Tube of florets not swollen.
7) Achenes, without or with an auricle not more than 0·25 mm; ribs thick and
raised; rim thick, obtuse; outer achenes at least 2/3 as wide as long; with very
thick ribs; hyaline, lacerate auricle sometimes present.

Habitat:- Cultivated, fallow and waste ground, roadsides, pathways. 0-1200 m.

Distribution:- Widespread throughout the Mediterranean but not Cyprus.
Widespread and common on Crete.

Probably native only in S. Europe, but so long established elsewhere as a cornfield
weed that the original limits of distribution cannot be ascertained.

Flowering time:- Apr­-July.

Photos by:- Steve Lenton

Synonyms:- Anthemis arvensis var. incrassata, Anthemis incrassata.

Meaning:- Incrassata (L) Very thick, made stout.

Resembling Anthemis arvensis subsp. arvensis, but differering in the following
1) Leaves with wider, elliptical lobes.
2) Peduncles more or less clavate and somewhat arcuate.
3) Receptacle more elongate in fruit; scales somewhat wider, abruptly acuminate. 
4) Ligules up to 11 x 4 mm.

Habitat:- As for subsp. arvensis,

Distribution:- As for subsp. arvensis,

Flowering time:- As for subsp. arvensis,

Photos by:- Steve Lenton   
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