Common Name:- None

Synonyms:- Allium haemostictum

Meaning:- Allium (L) The ancient Latin name for garlic.
                  Callimischon (Gr) Beautifully pedicelled.
                  Haemostictum (Gr) Blood spotted.

General description:- Very variable medium to tall bulbous perennial.

   a) 1 cm in diam.
   b) narrowly ovoid.   
   c) outer tunics leathery (coriaceous), ultimately breaking into parallel fibres.

   a) 9-38 cm
   b) circular in cross section (terete)
   c) seemingly dead after the leaves wither, remain and produce a small, uneven
       cluster of flowers in the autumn.

   a) 3-5, the lowest up to 30 cm x 1 mm.
   b) Withering in summer.
   c) sheathing the stem almost up to the umbel,
   d) thread-like (filiform), slightly channelled (canaliculate).
   e) hairless (glabrous).
1) Spathe:
   a) 2-4 cm, 1-valved.
   b) erect, persistent.

1) Umbel ‘bundled’ erect and closely parallel (fastigiate), with 8-25 flowers;
2) Stems (pedicels) 7-25 mm, very unequal.
3) Perianth cup-shaped (cupuliform) or funnel-shaped (infundibuliform);
   a) segments 5-7 x 1·5 mm,
4) Tepals:
   a) white, spotted dark red and with a reddish brown midvein.
   b) oblanceolate, truncate.
5) Stamens:
   a) included or with anthers exserted
   b) filaments c. 6 mm, simple;
   c) anthers red before splitting open to release the seeds (dehiscence).

Fruit:- Capsule 5 mm.

Key features:-
1) Stem usually solid, not inflated, and usually slender.
2) Filaments all awl-shaped (subulate) and simple or the inner 3 with a small tooth
on each side at the base.
3) Umbel fastigiate with erect or ascending pedicels.
4) Leaves sheathing the stem almost up to the umbel.
5) Perianth-segments oblanceolate, truncate.
5) Tepals white, spotted dark red and with a reddish brown midvein.

Habitat:- Calcareous cliffs, slopes, in crevices and among rocks between 300 m
and 2100 m.

Distribution:- Endemic SW. Turkey, W. Crete and the Afendis Kavousi area in the

Flowering time:- Sept-Oct.        

Photos by:- Yoav Ramon