Family and Genus:- See- CRUCIFERAE

Common Name:- Lesser shepherd's cress

Homotypic Synonyms:- Guepinia coronopifolia, Thlaspi coronopifolium.

Meaning:- Teesdalia (L) For Robert Teesdale (c. 1740-1804) Yorkshire botanist
and author of a Flora Castle Howard.
                  Coronopifolia (L) Crowfoot-leaved.

General description:- Small, hairless, subscapose annual.

1) 1 to several 5-45 cm, often with ascending basal branches.

1) Rosette, narrowly oblanceolate 1-5 cm, petiolate, usually pinnatifid with acute
    lobes, with few short, acute or obtuse lateral lobes and a broader, often 3-lobed, 
    terminal segment.
2) Cauline, (if present) less lobed or more or less entire.

1) Petals, c. 1 mm, white subequal, as long as the sepals, the outer 1-2 times as
2) Stamens, 4.
3) Fruiting pedicels, 3-6 mm, patent, slender.

1) Siliculae, angustiseptate, 3-4.5 mm, broadly obovate to suborbicular, notched, 
    narrowly winged.

Key features:-
1) Basal leaves, with acute lobes, or entire.
2) Petals, equal, as long as the sepals.
3) Style, absent.

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Habitat:- Stony and rocky slopes with dry open shrubby vegetation, deciduous
scrub, field margins, vineyards. 0-1400 m. on various substrates.

Distribution:- Scattered throughout Greece. - Mediterranean region, casual in C
Europe and elsewhere. Fairly rare on Crete, confined to the 3 main massifs and an
area in the far SW.

Flowering time:- Mar-May.

Photos by:- Charalambos Chiotelis