Common Names:- Mediterranean sowthistle

Synonyms:- Sonchus tener.

Meaning:- Sonchus (Gr) Thistle. 
                  Tenerrimus (L) Quite or most soft.                       
General description:- Annual or biennial; herbaceous.

1) 10-80 cm

1) With subobtuse to acuminate auricles.
    a) lower, glabrous, with few lobes.
    b) upper, larger, often white-tomentose when young, pinnatisect with many ovate
        to linear-lanceolate lobes strongly constricted at the base and entire or
        denticulate, or rarely with linear lobes.

1) Base of the capitula and upper part of the peduncles white-tomentose, often
2) Involucral bracts 25-30.
3) Ligules longer than the corolla-tube. 

1) Achenes 25-33 x 05-12 mm, narrowly oblanceolate, tuberculate or rugose
    between the ribs.
2) Pappus 6-8 mm, more or less persistent.

Key features:-
1) Achenes abruptly contracted at the base; rugose or tuberculate between the
    ribs, neither strongly compressed nor winged.
2) Leaf-lobes strongly constricted at the base, or narrowly linear; terminal lobe
    usually about as large as the lateral lobes.
3) Ligules longer than the corolla-tube.
4) Capitula distinctly pedunculate.
5) Leaves not or weakly spiny.

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Habitat:- Mostly in coastal habitats, often on small islands, cultivated fields,
wasteground. 0-600 m.

Distribution:- Throughout Greece. - Widespread in the Mediterranean region, N
Africa and SW Asia. very limited occurrence on Crete previously known only from
the islands of Gianysada and Chrysi and areas near Ierapetra and Hania. A recent
find (27/01/2021) has been made by Zacharias Angourakis near Heraklion.

Flowering time:- Mainly Mar-May.

Photos by:- Zacharias Angourakis