Common Names:- None

Synonyms:- Picris hieracioides subsp. hieracioides.

Meaning:- Picris (Gr) Bitter. A name used by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus
for a bitter
                 Pauciflora (L) With few flowers.

General description:- Annual.

1) 10-50 cm, with numerous unequal, rigid hairs.

1) With few to numerous, more or less rigid hairs.
3) Basal, 30-120 x 5-15 mm. narrowly elliptical, oblong-elliptical or oblanceolate,
   entire to sinuate-dentate, narrowed into a petiole.
4) Lower cauline, similar to the basal.
5) Upper smaller, narrower, sessile, sometimes semi-amplexicaul.

1) Capitula, few.
2) Peduncles, long, slightly thickened after anthesis.
3) Involucre, 10-12 x 7-10 mm.
4) Bracts, linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, mostly acute, with short stellate and
    longer rigid hairs mainly on the median line.
5) Outer bracts, patent, up to half as long as the inner.

1) Achenes, 45-5 mm. dark brown, more or less curved, strongly transversely 
    muricate. shortly beaked.

Key features:-
1) Achenes narrowed at the apex or shortly beaked: more or less curved, strongly
    transversely muricate.
2) Peduncles often thickened after anthesis.

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Habitat:- Fallow fields, olive groves, vineyards, dry grassland, coastal habitats. 0-
600 (-1000) m.

Distribution:- Scattered throughout Greece. - Mediterranean region, mostly in the
east, extending to S Anatolia, Cyprus and Egypt. Somewhat limited distribution
across Crete, lacking in the central region.

Flowering time:- May-July, occasionally later in wet places.

Photos by:- Christopher Cheiladakis