Family and Genus:- See- LEGUMINOSAE

Common Names:- None

Homotypic Synonyms:- Artrolobium pinnatum, Scorpiurus pinnatus.

Meaning:- Ornithopus (Gr) Bird-foot, (the disposition of the fruits)  
                  Pinnatus (L) Set in two opposite ranks, winged, feathered, pinnate.
General description:- Slender, appressed-pubescent or subglabrous annual.

1) 5-25 cm. branched from the base.

1) Imparipinnate with 3-7 pairs of oblanceolate leaflets.

1) Peduncle, slender, somewhat shorter than the subtending leaf.
2) Flowers, in 1-4-flowered heads, ebracteate or with a small, scarious bract.
3) Corolla, 6-8 mm, yellow. 
4) Calyx teeth, triangular, much shorter than the cylindrical tube.

1) Legume, 20-35 mm, curved, terete, not contracted between the segments,
    segments (6-)8-12, cylindrical, beak short, not more than 5 mm.

Key features:-
1) Leaflets, 3-7 pairs.
2) Flower head, ebracteate or with a small, scarious bract

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Habitat:- Seasonally flooded coastal habitats, open coniferous woodland, by
streams and damp spots in fallow flelds, 0-400 m.

Distribution:- Coastal areas of W Greece, lacking in the interior. - SW Europe and
Medlterranean region, extending to W Anatolia and W Syria. Rare on Crete
currently know from only two locations.

Flowering time:- March to May

Photos by:- A.N. Other