Common Name:- False garlic

Synonyms:- Allium gracile, Maligia gracilis, Milla macrostemon var. gracilis.

Meaning:- Nothoscordum (L) The ancient Latin name for garlic.
                  Gracile (L) Slender, graceful.

General description:- Bulbous, scapose perennial herbs, not smelling of onion or

1) Composed of several scales, tunicate.

1) Basal, linear, with sheathing bases. 

1) In a terminal umbel at first enclosed within a spathe of 2 bracts connate at the
2) Perianth-segments connate at the base into a short tube, 1-veined.
3) Stamens adnate to lower part of perianth.
4) Anthers dorsifixed, introrse.
5) Ovary superior, 3-locular; ovules 4-12 in each loculus.
6) Style terminal; stigma entire.

1) Capsule membranous.
2) Seeds angled, black.

Key features:-
1) Does not smell of onion or garlic.

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Habitat:- Cultivated and fallow fields, occasionally in cliffs or semi-natural rocky

Distribution:- A native of warm-temperate South America, has become a noxious
weed in California and is locally naturalized as a garden escapee in SW Europe. It
has recently been reported also from some localities in Greece.
A previous report by Yannitsaro (in Greuter & Raus 2009: 343) from the city of
Chania in W Crete. Other Greek records are from W Peloponnisos, the Nafpaktos
area and Kerkira.1).
A sighting by Christopher Cheiladakis, three years ago in Alikampos, Chania
growing in a field remained unreported. This year 2023 he found it again in another
locality in Kakopetros village. "growing wild"

1) "Atlas of the Aegean Flora" Book1, Arne Strid 2016

Flowering time:- April-July       

Photos by:- Courtesy Wiki-commons