Family and Genus:- See- CRUCIFERAE

Common Names:- None

Homotypic Synonyms:- Crucifera africana, Fedtschenkoa africana, Hesperis
africana, Strigosella africana, Wilckia africana.

Meaning:- Malcolmia (L) For William Malcolm, eighteenth-century English
                  Africana (L) From Africa, African.
General description:- Annual with branched or stellate hairs.

1) Up to 40 cm, branches usually shorter than the main stem.

1) Lanceolate, entire or sinuate-dentate.

1) Petals, (5-)8-10(-12) mm, violet.
2) Sepals, 3-5 mm, not saccate.
3) Pedicels, 1-2 mm in fruit.
4) Stigma, 05-15 mm, acute.

1) Siliqua, 25-65 x 1-15 mm, patent, rigid, more or less 4-angled, densely hispid.

Key features:-
1) Siliqua, densely hispid.
2) Stigma, acute.
3) Lower pedicels, usually 1-2 mm in  fruit.

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Habitat:- Sandy and rocky coastal habitats, fallow fields, roadsides, dry open
shrubby vegetation. 0-100(-800) m.

Distribution:- On Greece restricted to the Aegean region. - Scattered in Spain, N
Africa, Sicily; Through Anatolia and possibly further east. Somewhat restricted
distribution on Crete mainly in the south east with one on Gavdos island and one
near Ag Galini.in the southwest.

Flowering time:- Mar-Apr, occasionally later.

Photos by:- Courtesy of Wiki-Commons