Family:- COMPOSITAE/H. schmidtii group.

Common Names:- None

Synonyms:- Hieracium pallidum subsp. schmidtii

Meaning:- Hieracium (L) Hawkweed-like
                  Schmidtii (L) Possibly for a Schmidt, but which?
General description:- Perennial with a short, stout rhizome.

1) 10-18 cm, simple or very sparingly branched, with long glandless hairs
     throughout and short stellate and short glandular hairs especially above.

1) 4-6 in a basal rosette, elliptical to obovate, short-petiolate, subentire, green or
    glaucous, with long eglandular hairs on both surfaces and stellate hairs on
    the midvein beneath.
2) Cauline, few, bract-like.

1) Capitula, 1-3.
2) Middle. phyllaries 10-13 mm, linear-lanceolate, dark greenish, with a mixture of
    short stellate and long glandless hairs.
3) Ligules yellow, glabrous.

1) Achenes c.3.5, cylindrical, 10-ribbed, blackish.
2) Pappus equalling the achene.

Key features:-
1) Stem up to 20 cm, simple or very sparingly branched; with short glandular hairs
    especially above.
2) Cauline leaves well developed but often crowded in the lower 1/3 of the stem.

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Habitat:- Rock crevices and dry rocky slopes. (700-)1200-2200 m. on various

Distribution:- Aegean distribution uncertain, reported only from Mt Olimbos.
Probably widespread in Europe and SW Asia. On Crete recorded as subsp.
creticum and known only from the Kefka Ori

Flowering time:- June-July.

Photos by:- Francesco Russo