Galea:- Helmet-shaped structure.
Gamopetalous:- With joined petals.
Garrigue/Phrygana:- Open dry shrubby vegetation, low open scrubland,
consisting of spiny or aromatic dwarf shrubs interspersed with colourful
ephemeral species.
Geniculate:- Bent like a knee,   bent, knee-like.
Gibbous, Gibbose:- With a pouch-like swelling.
Glabrescent:- Almost glabrous or becoming glabrous with age or maturity.
Glabrous:- Without hairs, hairless.
Gland:- A small rounded or oblong structure on the plant's surface containing
oil or some other liquid. When they occur at the tip of a hair they are called
glandular hairs - they often make leaves and stems sticky.
Glandular:- Covered with glands - often seen as tiny dots.
Glandular-ciliate:- Fringed with hairs tipped with small glands.
Glandular-pilose:- With soft-glandular hairs.
Glandular pubescent:- Hairs tipped with small glands that secrete oil or
some other liquid often making the leaves and stems sticky.
Glandular-punctate:- Marked with dots and/or translucent glands.
Glandular-setose:- With bristly glandular hairs
Glaucous:- Covered with a waxy bloom, giving a bluish or greyish colouration.
Globose (Globular):- Globe-like, rounded.
Glochidiate:-  Beset with barbed bristles.
Glomerule:- A dense cluster of (sub)sessile flowers or of small capitula, a
dense cluster of stemless flowers
Glume:- Two, occasionally only one, empty bracts at the base of a spikelet -
refers to grasses.
Granulate:- 1) (of a surface) covered with g ;small grains; 2). (of a substance)
consisting of. or mixed with, small grains
Gymnosperms:- An important group of seed-bearing plants, but unlike the
Angiosperms (Dicotelydons and Monocotyledons,) the ovules are naked and
not enclosed in a protective ovary. The Gymnosperms are trees and shrubs,
mostly evergreen and often with narrow needle-like leaves. The seeds are
borne in a woody or fleshy cone. The firs, spruces, pines and cedars all
belong here.
Gynobase:- Enlarged receptacle on which the pistil is inserted
Gynobasic:- When the style rises apparently from the base of the ovary (as in
Labiatae/Lamiaceae) rather than from the apex
Gynodioecious:- Individual plants bearing only female or only bisexual
Gynophore:- A stalk carrying the ovary (formed by elongation of the
receptacle) (e.g. in Capparaceae)
Gynostegium:- Staminal crown in the flowers of some members of the