Family and Genus:- See- FUMARIACEAE                    

Common Names:- None

Homotypic Synonyms:- Fumaria amarysia

Meaning:- Fumaria (L) Smoke.
                  Judaica (L) Of Judaea, Jewish, from Palastine.

General description:- Hairless annual.

1) 20-100 cm tall, diffuse and decumbent to scandent.

1) Ultimate leaf lobes narrowly obovate.2- or 3 pinnate, with linear to narrowly
    obovate lobes.

1) Raceme, 8- to 29-flowered, often slightly longer than the peduncle.
2) Bracts, 1/3-1/2 as long as the suberect fruiting pedicels.
3) Sepals, 2-3 x 1-15 mm, more or less dentate.
4) Corolla, 10-12 mm, white or pale pink, usually with tips of the inner petals dark
    purple; upper petal concolorous.

1) 25-3 x 25-3 mm, subglobose, obscurely keeled, tuberculate-rugose when dry,
    often with black-spotted apical pits; apex very obtuse or slightly emarginate.

Key features:-
1) Pedicels, erect or patent.
2) Sepals, 2-3 x 1-2 mm.
3) Corolla, white, sometimes becoming tinged with pink.
4) Fruit, 25-3 x 25-3 mm.

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Habitat:- Disturbed stony ground, bushy places at the base of cliffs, hedges, etc.,
rarely a weed of cultivated fields. 0-800 m. on various substrates.

Distribution:- Coastal areas of Peloponnisos, SW mainland Greece, Kefallinia and
Zakinthos. - E Mediterranean region. Rare on Crete currently known from only two
locations. one near Sitia in the E and the SW near Chora Sfakion.

Flowering time:- Mar- May..

Photos by:- Courtesy of Wiki-Commons