Common Names:- Canadian fleabane

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Meaning:- Erigeron (Gr) Early-old-man. A name used by the Greek philosopher
Theophrastus for early flowering fleabanes.
                  Canadensis (L) From Canada, Canadian.

General description:- Annual

1) Erect, usually 60-100 cm tall, sparsely pubescent; sparingly branched above.

1) Numerous, narrow.
2) Lower up to 10 x 1 cm, oblanceolate, petiolate often deciduous.
3) Others linear, at least the upper sessile.

1) Capitula less than 1 cm wide, generally numerous, in a long, paniculate
    inflorescence cylindrical, with a single axis.
2) Involucre 3-4 mm, yellowish-green, subglabrous.
3) Female florets usually 25-45.
4) Ligules 05-1 mm, equalling or slightly exceeding the style and pappus.

1) Achenes oblong-elliptical, compressed, 1-1.5 mm.
2) Papus of whitish hairs.

Key features:
1) Female florets usually 25-45, the ligule 07-1.5 mm. exceeding the involucre.
2) Involucre glabrous or nearly so.

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Habitat:- Damp coastal habitats, roadsides, ruderal areas in towns and villages,
field margins. 0-600(-1000) m.

Distribution:- Throughout Greece, but less common in the south. Native of North
America, introduced almost worldwide. Appears to be fairly rare across Crete, but
perhaps just under recorded.

Flowering time:- June-Oct.

Photos by:- Kind permission of Saxifraga - Free Nature Images