Family and Genus:- See- CRUCIFERAE

Common Names:- Southern rocket

HomotypicSynonyms:- Brassica viminea, Eruca viminea, Sinapis viminea,
Sisymbrium pumilum, Sisymbrium vimineum.

Meaning:- Diplotaxis (Gr) Two-positions, (two-ranked seeds)
                  Viminea (L) With long, slender shoots.

General description:- Slender annual, glabrous or slightly hairy.

1) 5-30 cm, ascending,

1) Mostly in a basal rosette, oblanceolate, sinuate-pinnatifid.

1) Racemes, lax, much elongating in fruit.
2) Petals, 3-4.5 mm, clawed, scarcely exceeding sepals, pale yellow.
3) Lateral short stamens, sterile.
4) Fruiting pedicels, 6-20 mm, slender, erect to erecto-patent.
5) Sepals, erecto-patent.
6) Gynophore, usually short.

1) Siliquae, 15-30 x 1-2 mm, linear, compressed, slightly tomlose, with a short 
    beak, valves 1-veined.
2) Seeds, numerous, in 2 rows in each loculus.

Key features:-
1) Petals 3-4 mm, yellow, sometimes violet-veined.
2) Outer stamens sterile.

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Habitat:- Ruderal coastal habitats, fallow fields, olive groves, occasionally in stony
dry open shrubby vegetation. 0­-400 m.

Distribution:- Fairly common in coastal areas of W mainland Greece and Ionian
Islands. - Mediterranean area, naturalised elsewhere. Rare on Crete known from
only a few scattered locations.

Flowering time:- Apr­-June and also Oct­-Nov.

Photos by:- Courtesy of Wiki-Commons