Common Name:- None

Synonym:- None

Meaning:- Anthemis (Gr) Flowery.
                  Melanolepis (L) With black scales
General description:- Annual, sparsely hairy or subglabrous, divaricate branches,
decumbent, along the ground from the base.

1) Erect or ascending, branched above to give a flat-topped inflorescence.

1) Sessile, oblong, 1- to 2-pinnatipartite.
2) Lobes, ovate to oblong, mucronate.

1) Peduncles, not or slightly clavate in fruit.
2) Involucre, nearly flat.
3) Bracts, subglabrous, the outer ovate-lanceolate, acute, the others oblong-
    lanceolate, margins scarious and acute or a subacute apex.
4) Ligules, 10 x 25 mm, oblong-linear, sometimes suffused with red or purple,
5) Disc, up to 13 mm in diam.
6) Receptacle, depressed-hemispherical; scales brownish-purple towards the apex, 
    cuneate, attenuate, to a rigid, curved or flexuous subulate point slightly shorter
    than the scale, equalling or shorter than the florets.

1) Achenes, 2-25 x 15 mm, compressed, with acute angles, 7- to 9-striate at each
    side, those of ligules triangular, those of tubular florets quadrangular.
2) Corona, short, whitish.

Key features:-
1) Receptacular scales bronze-purple at maturity.
2) Ripe achenes remaining on the receptacle, forming a compact head.

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Habitat:- Gravelly streambeds, fallow fields and stony mountain slopes 0-1000 m.

Distribution:- In Greece restricted to the Aegean area and rare. Also Cyprus,
Syria, Palestine and Iraq. Limited distribution on Crete. Rare.

Flowering time:- End of Apr to mid-June

Photos by:- Fotis Samaritakis and Dimokratia Vrentzou